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Coach with Clarity

May 31, 2021

How can you move past overwhelm and create content that speaks to your ideal client, in their language? What does it mean to take an unfussy and intuitive approach to writing?

Today I am thrilled to share my interview with my good friend and colleague, Jacq Fisch, who is here to answer all your questions about writing in your coaching business.

Jacq Fisch is a talented and intuitive writer who supports other writers, coaches, and service-based professionals who want to dive into their writing in a way that connects with their audience and allows them to build and grow their businesses.

I really appreciate Jacq’s approach to writing which is so in sync with how I approach coaching and I know that you are really going to enjoy this powerful conversation with Jacq Fisch.


If you want to learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes.


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