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Coach with Clarity

Oct 5, 2020

I'm so excited to welcome you back to another coaching call episode. I know I say this every time but these episodes really are my favorite to do because it allows me to connect one-on-one with another coach and get inside their business to help them see what's working and how they are effectively utilizing their strengths, as well as to help them work through some stuck points and find new opportunities in their business.
Today's call is a special one because I am featuring one of my Coach with Clarity members, Kristina Faulkner. Kristina is a licensed health professional specializing in disturbed eating habits, unhealthy body image, anxiety, depression, low self-worth, and strained relationships.
Kristina is also a devoted coach who wants to make sure that she's setting herself up for success, because she knows that when she's got clear systems and clear approaches to use with her clients, it's going to allow them to achieve their goals faster, and with more fun and more fulfillment. So that's where we start with today's call and I think you'll find as we get deeper, it goes beyond systems and into really the heart of the work that Kristina loves doing.




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