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Coach with Clarity

Oct 25, 2021

Figuring out how to talk about what you do and how you help your clients can feel really difficult.

Today I’m delighted to introduce you to messaging and marketing expert Danait Berhe who joins us to share her wisdom and show us how to approach our marketing without feeling overwhelmed.

Even though I’ve known Danait...

Oct 18, 2021

The coaching industry is entirely unregulated.

That’s what one writer claimed in a recent article in The Guardian. If you’re been listening to the podcast for a while, you’ll know that I take issue with that characterization.

This week I’m deviating from my scheduled content to talk about Rachel Monroe’s...

Oct 11, 2021

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to effectively marketing your course and growing your audience. Today we’re looking at the questions to ask yourself and different strategies you can use when it comes time to market your course.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that these coaching calls are...

Oct 4, 2021

I’m going back to square one.

One of the very first topics I covered on the podcast was breaking down what we mean by “coaching”. We explored several definitions from pioneers in the field, but at the end of the day, I have to admit that I don’t feel like any of them fully represent my approach to coaching.