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Coach with Clarity

Nov 28, 2022

Today, I am super excited to share another guest appearance I made on an outstanding podcast called Therapist Rising.

Many of you know that prior to becoming a coach, and becoming a coach trainer, I was a Psychotherapist for almost fifteen years.

My background is in social work and public health, and I was a licensed clinical social worker and therapist for a very long time. In fact, much of my work in that field informs how I show up and train as a coach today.

In my conversation with Dr. Hayley Kelly, we explored what it is like to make the transition from therapy to coaching. I shared my own internalized fear around making that transition, how to handle some external feedback you might get from people, how to handle any judgment or concern that comes up either from others or yourself, some of the practical implications of transitioning from therapy to coaching, and what to do if you want to ethically and legally do both.

My goal with this interview was to provide and true and accurate perspective of what it’s like to become a coach and start a coaching practice.




If you want to learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes on Dr. Hayley Kelly's Website.


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